Yearn and Curve Synergy

One of the critical components of Yearn’s infrastructure includes a collaborative relationship with Several Yearn vaults provide liquidity into Curve pools and stake the liquidity provider (LP) tokens into the respective gauges, earning CRV rewards. Yearn locks 10% of all CRV rewards earned into the yveCRV-DAO (“Backscratcher”) to obtain an additional amount of CRV.

For a deeper understanding, refer to the Understanding Curve Boost Multipliers section. Furthermore, the remaining 90% of the CRV earned are swapped into the respective LP tokens, and re-deposited into the vault. The only exception is the yvUSDN3Crv vault that locks 50% of the CRV earned into the Backscratcher vault and swaps the remaining 50%.

veCRV-DAO yVault (yveCRV-DAO)

AKA — Backscratcher

This vault converts your CRV into yveCRV, earning you a continuous share of Curve fees which are boosted over what you earn staking at Curve. The more CRV converted, the greater your weekly rewards. Every Friday, these can be claimed from the vault as 3Crv (Curve’s 3pool LP token). Yearn, itself, deposits 10% of all CRV earned into this vault and gives its 3crv rewards to vault token holders which is where the boosted weekly rewards come from. Depositing is non-reversible: You can only convert CRV into yveCRV, as the CRV is perpetually staked in Curve’s voting escrow. All vaults send 10% of earned CRV to this vault to sustain boost levels. For more detailed information see this medium article: