Welcome to The Vaults at Yearn

Here you can find in-depth information about how Yearn’s yVaults operate and the actions (strategies) these vaults perform. This website will maintain a one-stop location for all yVault descriptions. All vaults in production are now version 2 or higher. All version 1 yVaults have been deprecated.

Ethereum Vaults

Yearn Finance started and has the majority of its yVaults running on Ethereum Mainnet. We have deployed over 250 strategies and 100 yVaults on Ethereum. The ones that are currently running in production you can find in the sections below.

Fantom Vaults

Yearn Finance is now Multi-Chain! Yearn yVaults are now live on the Fantom Network! Just like our v2 yVaults, the new Fantom yVaults are able to employ multiple strategies per vault.